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Experience a Spiritually Renewed Life

Through Transformational Coaching

Live in Freedom
Live with Purpose
Live in a Relationship with God
Are you discouraged by...
  • Repeating painful or unproductive life patterns

  • Settling for less when you know you can "be" better

  • Not hearing from God or knowing your purpose

  • Letting past mistakes hold you back

  • Feeling stuck, stagnant, or unfulfilled in this season

  • Not making the change you know you should make

"We understand what it feels like to be discouraged. We have dealt with divorce, cancer, depression, financial hardship, single parenting, and death. We have guided many people through different stages in life to find freedom, peace, joy, and a closer relationship with God."  Andrew & Maria Segovia

Do you want to experience...
  • Meaningful and lasting lifestyle changes

  • Spiritual awareness and awaking in your life

  • Freedom, peace, and joy

  • A closer relationship with God

  • Greater purpose in your life

  • Emotional healing from past hurt

Start Your Renewed Life Now


Schedule A Discovery Meeting


Attend Four One-hour Coaching Meetings


Enjoy a Spiritually Renewed Life

If you are still not sure, sign up for a free 30-minute Encounter Coaching session to learn to hear God's voice. 



It was a time of spiritual awareness and awakening in my life. I would highly recommend this very unique and individual coaching experience to others who are seeking to grow closer to Jesus. 



This program has taught me how to step into faith, put my trust in God, and let God reveal himself to me. Amazingly, my relationships and day to day business issues have improved greatly with the tools from this program.



We worked on journaling, talking to God, forgiveness, and generational things that only God could heal. Now walking into my future, I feel equipped to be a better mother, future wife, friend, and daughter to my Abba. 

"We will also help you experience a spiritually renewed life through Transformational Coaching to live in freedom, with purpose, and in a relationship with God." Andrew & Maria Segovia

Coaching Programs

Spiritual Encounter Coaching

Spiritual Healing Coaching

Spiritual Transformation Coaching

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